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THEMBA LEWIS holds graduate degrees from Oxford University and the American University in Cairo, and worked as a photojournalist in Cairo during the Egyptian revolution, covering Tahrir Square and the Mubarak Trial. His writing and/or photography has been published by Marion Boyers Publishers, al Jazeera, the Guardian, The American University in Cairo Press, Courrier International, Make/Shift Magazine, FUSE, and others. He can be reached at, is @thembalewis on twitter, @mtpleasantpress on instagram, and maintains a photo website at To read his work, click here.

SARAH KELIHER is a second generation bookseller based in the Pacific Northwest. She has been a long time contributor to local zines and small publications, and writes across genres under various pen names. You can find her as @else_fine on instagram, and as @sarahkeliher on twitter. To find her work, click here.

ZAHRA HANKIR is an Arab/British writer based in London, where she works as a content specialist for Facebook. She has previously worked as a journalist at Bloomberg News in Dubai and London. She likes to write dweeby love letters to her favourite Arab writers, artists, singers, film-makers and activists in an attempt to spread the word on how much brilliance that very troubled part of the world possesses. She presents them on the unrepentantly fabulous Florence of Arabia blog. She is @zahrahankir on Twitter. To read her work, click here.

ELLIS LYNCH was born in the rust belt and married in a church designed by someone who later died on the Titanic. Ellis has never once been stung by a bee and has somehow only achieved scars on the right side of their body. Ellis has a collection of college degrees of various rank for things that have never once lead to a single job. Which is not to say that they haven’t had a variety of unusual and satisfying jobs. Ellis has a fascination with legacies, miniature things, literary theory and baking really good cookies. To contact Ellis, please contact us. To read her work, click here.

ABIGAIL ESTCOURT JONES is an intellectually provocative artist, writer, and London resident. Her contributions to public discourse are instantly engaging, combining irreverence with wit, social critique, and disarming intimacy. Her book, Ten Years of Fucking Mayhem, published by Eros Press in 2015, sold out of its first edition and was rushed back to press almost immediately, and it’s not difficult to understand why. You can find her on twitter at @AbigailCE_Jones. To read her work, click here.

GRACE CAMPBELL was born, raised, and educated in New York. She’s punched the clock as a high-ropes instructor in the Adirondack Mountains and as a mixologist making commercial-grade makeup from loose minerals, among many other more mundane office stints. Sometimes she gets random phrases stuck in her head for days at a time, then she decides to write them down at which point they completely vanish. Her work has appeared in The Santa Ana River Review, 5×5, and Ghost Parachute, among others. She currently lives and works in Olympia, Washington. To read her work, click here.



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